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While the global Financial Crisis cloud has not dispersed, but the dawn of European economic recovery flash end the crisis, Japan and South Korea

Home Appliances Giant is quietly engaged in a reverse pattern of European brands dominate the market, "European battle."

Recently, "The Wall Street Journal" quoted the European version of Panasonic of Japan and Germany, chairman opinions as saying the company in 2013, white goods products in the European market

Sell Amount will increase to the current level of 1 times.
It is reported that Panasonic to sell 600 in the European market? 800's
Washing machine , 1000 euros in the high-end refrigerators and other white goods product-oriented, high value-added strategy of building brands. Expand and Siemens,

Electrolux Domestic appliances and other European companies as well as South Korea's Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics differentiate between the competition. However, news that the company will launch next year, slightly lower the price of some of the low-end products to expand its white goods products in the other groups to buy influence.

European sector, according to DisplaySearch international survey, in 2008 the washing machine market, Western European countries, European manufacturers, about 64% of the share; in the refrigerator market, the share of European manufacturers, as high as 68%, while U.S. manufacturers with 7.3% share of second. Japanese Daikin, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the Korean system of LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, white goods market share, compared with European counterparts, have hardly been.

The company expects this fiscal year, in the European market, sales of white goods will reach 36 billion yen, but 3 at the end of 2013 is expected to expand to 700 billion yen. Reportedly, the company adopted in high-end European market strategy, instead of emerging countries in Asia and other low-cost route to market. On the one hand is due to the characteristics of the European market, consumer decisions, and partly because only high value-added products can support the high cost of logistics and transport. Therefore. The company will not rule out direct investment to build factories in the European approach to the implementation of local production, which could reach the sales objectives.

In addition, Sony , Toshiba and Daikin Industries and other Japanese consumer electronics giant department, will also be way out of recession pressures on emerging market expansion as well as developed markets, especially Europe and the United States fight for the top European markets.

The same time as the South Korean government and the EU signed a free trade agreement (FTA) regarding the dust settles, in the forthcoming entry into force of the FTA next year, Korean companies will be about 47 billion dollars to bring tremendous business opportunities background, the two giants South Korea Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics inevitably will further upgrade its European market, "offensive."

Recently, a report said Samsung Electronics retaining its position as Europe 16 countries
LCD TV Market share in the first. GFK survey agency report quoted the data authority, said the agency survey in 19 countries in Europe which, Samsung LCD TV from the beginning to the cumulative sales value in August in 16 countries reached a ranking of the records. Same period last year, Samsung LCD TV is only made in 12 countries, sales of the first results, and this year increased by Germany, Spain, Austria and Finland four countries. And Samsung TV in 16 countries occupy more than 20% market share, sales for the failure to obtain the first of the Netherlands (Philips is located), Switzerland, Ireland and other three countries, Samsung is clearly prepared to take the end of Under the "first" war plan.

Information, Samsung Electronics made in Europe, so why good record, and its in Slovakia, Hungary and other places full production plant investment has a close relationship. At the same time, Samsung LCD TV's triumph in the European market the enormous effect of brand market penetration, then further promote the company's white goods,

Mobile , Computers and other products to enhance market share.

The other hand, South Korea's LG Electronics is the new Chocolate phone to B40, B20 and other variety of new options listed in the UK first and then to Europe, America, Middle East, Asia and other countries listed in the path.
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South Korean Home Appliance Companies In Japan Started, "the European Market Battle" -

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This article was published on 2011/01/24